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agerly looking ▓forward to taking the opportunity of China's expanded opening-up, further entering into the Chinese ▓market, expanding exports of agricultural products to China, and strengthening cooperation in areas such▓ as aviation, aerospace, and civilian nuclear energy, as w▓ell as sci-tech innovation and finance, he said.China's issuance of euro-denominated sovereign bo▓nds in Paris is of great significance to France, Macron said, pledging to keep the French market open to C▓hinese companies.He said France is ready to advance the alignment of the BRI with the EU's Euro-Asian connectivity strategy and

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jointly promote the green development o▓f the Belt and Road.Macron called on the two sides to expand people-to-people excha▓nges, promote mutual learning between civilizations, ▓jointly safeguard multilateralism, strengthe▓n strategic communication and coordination on anti-terrori▓sm and Iran nuclear issues, and advance the progress of the WTO reforms.Speaking of the Beijing Call for Biodiversity Conservation an▓d Climate Change, which was released after the talks between the two heads of state, Macron said that France and China can play a lead▓ing role in these important issues.It is of critical signifi▓ca


ed dialogue and cooperation with China as

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nce for the European Union to intensify cooperation with China in today's uncertain world, and France is willing to advance EU-China ties and speed up th▓e negotiation of the EU-China inves▓tment agreement.After the talks, the two heads of ▓state witnessed the signing of cooperation agreements in areas including aerospace and aviation, nuclear en▓ergy, emergency management, cultural heritage, agriculture, industry, natural conservation, finance and third-party cooperation.They also met with the press together and witnessed the sign▓ing of a joint statement on concluding the▓ negotiations of geographical ind

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willing to properly settle the differences between the two sides based on mutual respect.French companies are e
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